Display Charter

The display is a transmission technology that directs the subject in space
We stand for mutual understanding among companies
Together with the prosperity of the entire industry
Promotion of creation Shine up on technology
Contribute to society through display

Code of ethics

  1. Based on the spirit of the "Display Charter", we must fulfill the mission of the display.
  2. We need to create new value for the display and value creativity.
  3. We must constantly develop our abilities and establish social land.
  4. We must avoid excessive competition and prosper in the industry with the development of the enterprise.

Purpose and business of Tokyo Display
Cooperative Association

Based on the spirit of mutual assistance of members,
this association carries out necessary joint projects for the members,
With the aim of promoting voluntary economic activities of the members and increasing their economic status,
It is a business cooperative association under the jurisdiction of Tokyo,
which was approved to be established in 1964.